Laura Medina is a designer living
in Atlanta, Georgia

Slowly working my way South in my design career, I found my way to Atlanta after scraping a bowl of pimento cheese grits clean.

I'm a graphic designer with a history in digital publication, branding, web design and a serious affinity for the band Hall & Oates.

I have dual degrees in Journalism and Graphic Design from the University of Missouri. After graduating, I designed in the music industry at Paste Magazine and in hospitality at Green Olive Media. I currently design for The Coca-Cola Company.

• Branding
• Art Direction
• Brand Strategy
• Front-end Web Design
• User Experience
• Editorial Design
• Project Management
• Client Interface


• Coca-Cola
• Matchstic
• Green Olive Media
• Paste Magazine
• Twentyonehundred Productions
• Studio North


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